Anastasia Kizilova 3.3

Date: 13 of May, 17:00

Format: workshop

Place: Fabrika Escapist Apartment

Everyone who wants to participate in the creation of movement dedicated to free circulation and exchange of artistic ideas is more than welcome to join


Date: Since 11 of May till 10 of June

Format: installation

Place: Fabrika Escapist Apartment

The main artistic strategy of Anastasia Kizilova is to create the open research field for interaction and communication. Artists’ projects dedicated mainly to the questions of air-tightness of art society and its autonomy. One of the goals of her projects is to implement alternative economic models into Russian and international art scenes. She is often trying to initiate processes which will never end, to create communication structures which can exist without her and to research human borders and borders of an art community (for example, through reading groups with plants participants). Since 2013 she is sewing identical uniforms for artists (even for those who are in conflict between each other), constantly positioning herself in the art field as an art worker. Since 2016 she is organizing an anonymous archive of artists’ ideas entitled Found Project, which already gathered ideas from 9 cities in Russia and abroad. Found Project is based on participatory art practice and the principles of an exchange: authors share their ideas for free, so other people who are in need of ideas can realize it afterwards. All projects are presented anonymously so that everyone may freely choose an idea for themselves to realize. With this project, she is questioning the conditions of art production, the status of contemporary authorship and the distribution of ideas. During the exhibition, Anastasia will present another reincarnation of nomad Found Project.

There are no someone else’s ideas!

There are only unrealized ideas!

During the first part of the training the artist will introduce already existing archive of Found Project and similar platforms. The second part of the training program will be centralized around the discussion on phenomena of shared authorship. And, the last part will be an exchange of ideas. You can leave or take idea for realization and also take a look on documentation already realized projects.