Barbora Klímová 1.1

Date: 12 of May, 18:30

Format: performative lecture

Place: Nekrasov Library

Date: Since 11 of May till 10 of June

Format: installation

Place: Fabrika Escapist Apartment

Barbora Klímová’s work REPLACED – BRNO – 2006 is a project rooted in an awareness of specific local cultural conditions, influenced by the previous decades and the period of normalization when culture was an instrument of the socialist state’s political power. Klímová selected five events by five Czech performers carried out in urban environments in Czechoslovakia during the 1970s and 1980s and reenacted them in a simple but meaningful way. Klímová’s reenactment wasn’t just a mere reminder of some art events in the history, she specifically picked the performances carried out in public spaces. The comparison between societies and social conditions in 1970s and 2000s came out in very simple and symbolic gesture. The significance of her body and the contemporary context bring new comments on how we encounter the existing prism of history. In her performative lecture Barbora Klímová will present different examples of escapism in art, more precisely within the communities associated with Czechoslovak art in the 1970s and 1980s. Her subjective selection and interpretation of historical moments is based on her research on private archives of authors from Moravia (Eastern region in Czech republic). Klímová summarized her research, conducted in 2006–2013, in the book entitled Mutually. Artists and communities in Moravia in the 1970s–80s.

Videos presented in the Escapism. Training Program show:


Karel Miler, Either – or, Prague 1972

Video 4:31min, poster


Vladimír Havlík, Trial Flower, Olomouc 1981

Video 04:04min, poster


Jiří Kovanda, An Attempt at Meeting a Girl, Prague 19th October 1977 I invited my friends to witness my attempt at meeting a girl.

Video 04:10min, poster


Petr Štembera, Sleeping in a tree, Prague April 1975

After three days and nights without sleep I spent the fourth night in a tree.

Video 98:00min, poster


Jan Mlčoch, Remembering P., Cracow, Poland 7th October 1975

I sold personal possessions, which reminded me of my friends at a market for a period of one hour.

Video 04:03min, poster