eeefff 4.2


7 of May, Thursday, 17:00–21:00

18 of May, Friday, 17:00–21:00

19 of May, Saturday, 19:00–01:00

22 of May, Tuesday, 17:00–21:00

6 of June, Wednesday, 17:00–21:00

7 of June, Thursday, 17:00–21:00

8 of June, Friday, 17:00–21:00

9 of June Saturday, 13:00–19:00

10 of June, Sunday, 13:00–19:00

Format: collective action

Place: Fabrika Escapist Apartment

For those who are willing to slow down during collective motorcycle repairment and for those who want to accelerate yourself while riding motorcycle. No special skills are required. It is totally ok to join the event anytime.

eeefff’s artistic practice exists in a world where technology, data privacy and concepts of real and ephemeral communities come together. eeefff group are commenting, ‘We bought motorcycle 6 years ago in Minsk dreaming to visit previous version of Crimea. But we had to move to Moscow without making a long journey come true. We rented a garage for the motorcycle in Minsk. In six months it became clear that living in Moscow, and keeping it in a garage in Minsk at the same time is very expensive. Dreams of a carefree ride on a motorcycle broke down on our economic basis that dictates the mode of maximum mobility. It seemed that you couldn’t have a hobby that was not fitting into your pocket. But we decided to risk: dismantle the motorcycle and transport it in parts to Moscow by car.’

During their action in the exhibition space eeefff together with visitors will assemble a motorcycle and repair it collectively. Within an action they will try to understand in practice the complex connections between the maximum inclusion modes and the practices of bypass, detour, exit, evasion and manoeuvring. eeefff hopes that at the end of the exhibition the motorcycle will be on the run and all participants of the action and visitors will be able to enjoy the wind in their hair.