Lost Leisure Union 2.4

Date: 19 of May

Format: event

Place: Fabrika Escapist Apartment

For those who lost their leisure time

Date: Since 14 of May till 10 of June

Format: installation

Place: Fabrika Escapist Apartment

Lost Leisure Union (Elena Ischenko, Maria Kotlyachkova, Daria Orlova, Evgeniy Rimkevich, Maria Sarycheva, Stepan Subbotin, Vasiliy Subbotin, Sveta Chernikova and others) appeared in March 2018 in Krasnodar during project development in Typography, Krasnodar Center for Contemporary Art (Working Group / Identity Department curated by Elena Ischenko). During last 6 months working group participants were discussing questions of identity, as of the region, so in the art field. Trying to go beyond serious discussions, participants decided to wear the identity of youth movement. They print t-shirts with logo of the fictional movement and went to the local techno club and to the unofficial barbecue territory near Kuban river. Shirts, flags and calendar became the results of this spontaneous research of leisure activities of Krasnodar citizens. Escapism. Training Program supports similar initiatives and agreed to open Moscow filial of Lost Leisure Union.