Václav Magid 2.1

Date: 12 of May, 18:00

Format: lecture

Place: Nekrasov Library

Date: Since 11 of May till 10 of June

Format: video

Place: Fabrika Escapist Apartment

The ground of Václav Magid’s work lies in the confrontation of literary and theoretical references of European culture with his own artistic experience and practice. As an art theoretician and editor Magid explores the limits of art engagement and the theory of its autonomy. In his installation Magid combines drawing, text photography, video collage and documentary video footages and for the escapist exhibition he has prepared video recorded in the surroundings of Saint Petersburg, a work dedicated to the experience of emigration. The video essay called Asylum (2018) comes out of the topics such as refuge, escape, flânerie, kitsch and aesthetical distance; and the shots of random constellations of people in postcard sceneries are edited in such a way that these people unwittingly become actors of a loose narrative. The work has a slow and meditative rhythm, disturbed by anxious music.

The aim of Magid’s lecture with the title Escape for an act and act as an escape is to describe and illustrate, on several examples, two variants of the attitudes merging together, which are usually considered contradictory. In certain situations, the act must be hidden, seeking refuge to preserve its ability to change reality. In other cases, the act takes place in plain sight, yet it is a form of escape from reality.