Welcome to the Doll House!/2.2

Date: Since 11 of May till 10 of June

Format: printing edition

Place: Fabrika Escapist Apartment

Welcome to the doll house! is a collaboration between Uliana Bychenkova & Zhanna Dolgova. Welcome to the doll house! has begun in 2016 during their study at School of Involved Art in Saint Petersburg established by art collective Chto delat? (What is to be done?). Their artistic activity takes forms of fictitious institutions, video postcards, holidays and feminist writings. As artists describing, ‘the main goal of the artistic duo is development (most of the time with a usage of aesthetics of awkwardness) of female subjectivity and female sensuality; school experience and school sensuality; secret (girlfriends) pleasures. By experiencing radical feminist chaos, creating structures (for erotisation) of language, and using artistic practice for dramatic purposes’. In the Escapism. Training Program you can find their zine entitled Zine Kin Princess.